Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's a Good Life, no?

Finally. A good weekend. Packed full, but productive and fun. Seems like years since that's happened.

Church yesterday, followed by lunch and games (sadly I lost... badly) with good friends. Then, the first fancy dress-up event of the season.

Today, we nearly finished all of the lingering projects in the kitchen: painted trim, the island needs just one more coat, changed out the ugly gold cabinet knobs for matte silver ones. We also changed out some of the lights to sensored ones because the puppies hate the dark so. Christmas lights on the front hung, just the back left.

And now... mmmmmm, rice pudding cooking, pizza coming out of the oven, and Christmas music playing while the big puppy bothers Husband and the little puppy snuggles with me.

This is a good life.

Puppies running on our walk at Bennington Lake.

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  1. Weekends like that are just so Good. And what cute pups. :)