Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lions and Elephants, oh my!

Today I have been embarked upon this marriage adventure for two months. By this time on our wedding day Husband and I were arriving in Seattle for a night at a lovely hotel (thanks to my parents-in-law) before heading out to Barbados early the next morning. We were tired and talkative and MARRIED.

To be honest, I’m not really a romantic—that’s Husband’s role. But, much to his surprise, I remembered this mini-versary. I think it’s because two months feels significant somehow. One month just flew right by. This second month has been quieter, slower and more MARRIED.

In honor of me remembering (which I think Husband found more noteworthy than the actual day) he made my favorite treat--chocolate chip pancakes. In animal form. Yum.


  1. Two months already? Time flies! Yay for cute pancakes and a hopeless romantic who can make them.

  2. you're right. the first month flies by and you barely notice the one month mark. the wedding feels like yesterday. at two months, the wedding feels much further in the past and the marriage longer than it really has been. it's a nice feeling.