Friday, November 20, 2009

Wind, oh wind... go AWAY!

I always thought I'd have a winter wedding. Not necessarily a Christmas wedding, but something snowy and cold and dark and beautiful. My wedding was nothing like that. But this photo by my friend Kimberly Miner reminds me of those dreams, of Christmas, and of what our downtown will look like in a month or so before the snow hits (instead of this awful, incessant wind. go away wind!!!). This wedding dress shop is just a couple blocks from my office and right across the street from Starbucks. They altered my Craigslist wedding dress (yay).

This cool clock is just in front of the jewelry store where we had my ring custom made based on our design.

I'm wishing for our wedding photos a little bit today, if you can't tell. It's been a crappy week and I'd like something pretty and happy to look at.

Photos via KimberlyInk.

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