Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Puppy Thanksgiving

The puppies had an excellent Thanksgiving, I'm sure. It started early--the day before Thanksgiving, in fact--with the devouring of an entire bag of hard-to-find potato rolls. It continued on the thankful day with spilled food, dropped splashes and hidden nibbles from cooking hands (yes, we wash our hands--a lot). The day after it got really good when the big puppy stole the entire giant pear tart off the counter and demolished it. The little puppy felt bad about that. The second we arrived back home she was cowering and apologizing... we didn't even know what for yet!

Then, yesterday the puppies got to frolic in the snowy mountains while we looked for Christmas trees. Such good new smells. And then! Those smells came home as the tree went up and nifty smelling ornaments were put on display. I'm sure they can't wait to steal the ornaments and pee on the tree.

And best of all, people were around for days and days. No lonely days. No banishment to the cold outdoors for hours at a time. 

What a joyous weekend this Thanksgiving was--for a couple of rascally puppies!

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