Monday, December 14, 2009

Wet Toilet Seats

I listed one specific condition upon entering this marriage: I refuse to clean toilets. There are other things I don't like or prefer not to do but toilets are just non-negotiable. My lovely Husband figured that wasn't a horrible condition and so agreed.

The thing is, Husband and I have different views on cleanliness and household chores and the frequency of such chores. This is, in fact, by far the biggest source of contention in our new marriage (followed closely by learning to fight more politely). Even something obvious (to me) like cleaning toilets we can't see to agree on. In order to get onto a regular schedule we've tried a series of strategies:

We've (we = me, of course) tried nagging, to little success.

We've tried avoidance. No success there.

We've tried asking nicely followed by reward sex. Believe it or not, also no luck. At least not consistently.

We've tried lists posted in specific places around the house as suggested by the pastor who did our pre-marriage counseling. Husband requested important items be written on a white board he hung just opposite our bathroom. That has had some success, actually. But also, not consistently. 

What's actually worked (at least in regards to toilets): setting an alarm. Apparently, Husband finally just decided to set an alarm or appointment on his phone that goes off every Friday morning. So before he leaves for work he cleans the toilet and occasionally swipes at the rest of the bathroom.

So now on Friday when I get up and sit down on a very wet toilet seat* I smile.

*Why he thinks wetter is better when cleaning I'm not sure, nor why he doesn't wipe it down with something dry after his sanitizing spree--perhaps just to make sure I know it's been cleaned?

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