Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Etsy Store: Mischief by Loki

I've started up an Etsy store and I'm feeling both excited and regretful*. A couple years ago I started playing around with making jewelry. Then I took a class on metal work and ended up learning from an amazing artist who lived in town and worked at a local jewelry store.**

I've been making pieces for myself and my friends (who are all tired of receiving jewelry for their birthdays and Christmas, I think). I enjoy searching for beautiful stones in interesting shapes and colors. I like spending hours working on the perfect design, although, I've learned that I mostly like simple, delicate pieces where the beauty of the stone or metal is the showcase.*** So most of my jewelry is simple and, dare I say, plain. Though, of course, I think it's quite lovely!

My husband was actually the one to encourage me to open the shop as I was running out of room for storing more pieces and couldn't possibly wear them all. Plus, I think he'd like me to recoup the costs of my materials! I think he's also been quite excited about all the free time he has right now since my urge to renovate our entire house has diminished somewhat as I'm currently spending EVERY evening working on getting the shop up and running.

So... please go take a look. { http://www.etsy.com/mischiefbyloki }Since I'm new and you're all so smart, I'm looking for advice and suggestions. What designs do you like most (alas, my favorite isn't up yet, incidentally. I'm wearing it today as I've been tweaking it for several days now)? How are the pictures? What else would you like to see? What should I do differently? What should I keep the same?

Thank you!!

*Exited because, well, how awesome would it be if people liked my stuff? But regretful because it takes up a lot more time than I thought it would!
**He was also going to make the wedding ring Husband and I custom designed but just after he started on it he moved to Texas to get married. Bleh!
***Most of the pieces up right now are stone, pearl or bead work. There's not a lot of metalwork though that's coming. In fact, I'm wearing my favorite piece right now as I've been tweaking it for several days now and am testing it out today.


  1. We (being me) are not tired of receiving jewelry for holidays and birthdays. Ah hem, keep working!! Congrats on the launch my dear!

  2. I already commented on your etsy site, but I must say that I agree with Whit. I think is this a great hobby and you love making jewelry, and any earrings that I've seen you wear are absolutely stunning. I love the dark blue ones (they are the first photo on your blog), they are truly lovely. I got my ears pierced in August (I know a bit later in life) and in purchasing earrings find that I really love simple ones they are just more elegant. So I am VERY excited about your new habit/hobby and that you are using it to make a few extra bucks!

  3. @Rachel, you probably don't have time before you leave, but drop by anytime and take a look at what I have. If you see any stones that you like I'll make something up for you. I'll even change my shop policies and ship to China for you and Deb. :)