Monday, January 25, 2010

Retro-style Peace of Mind

I love having things put away. I love having a place for everything--especially when that "place" is a box, bin, basket or cupboard. I don't like clutter and I'd always rather go through the extra step of opening something to get what I need than just reaching for it on an already crowded countertop.

And yes, my husband is the exact opposite. Fun times.

We went to Target this weekend and as we walked passed this amazing contraption I stopped with my mouth hanging open. And apparently with wide, pleading eyes because he picked it up and put in in the basket.

Ta da! This totally retro bread box is now sitting on our counter with sourdough, banana bread and bagels inside.

I've been wanting a bread box (yeah, I know, people think I'm weird) but not only is this a bread box... it's old looking and it's turquoise. We have turquoise retro kitchen chairs*, I kid you not, so this is awesome.

I feel like I could die happy right now.

*which really is kind of weird, because although I have an eclectic decorating style it still leans more toward the Crate & Barrel aesthetic than anything else. But we love them. And they came from Ikea--on sale!


  1. i have always loved the idea of a bread box. must go to target now.

  2. That thing is amazing. I knew I used my Target Gift Card unwisely!

  3. Bread boxes are awesome!I wish the captain was a little more understanding. We found one at the store yesterday and I was like, "Sweet! It's a bread box!" He just stared at it with a quizzical look on his face and said, "I don't get it. What's it for?" Evidently he didn't catch the name. ;-)