Monday, February 22, 2010

Hey, look! I'm crafty!

Apparently I have skills that are only newly being discovered. So I just wanted to announce to you all that I'M CRAFTY. As in, I am actually able to make and create something with my hands from start to finish.*

Case in point: this pillow.

I haven't been able to find just the right fabric for pillows for our house which was really annoying me because, seriously, how hard should that be? So I found some fantastic modern looking fabric in all the right colors.

And this weekend I washed it, ironed it, cut it, sewed it, and stuffed it. It's like a miracle!

Then, I was so overwhelmed with my new found skill that I hemmed these curtains that I had planned to create using that iron-on hemming stuff. And I made it fancy by adding this nifty coordinating fabric at the top. Yes, it's kind of girly. But it's our office/storage room/someday to be a nursery if we live here that long room.**

*My sister pointed out that I make jewelry, which she considers crafty. I consider it to be more fabrication, more art. But I suppose it's not worth quibbling over. 

**Ignore the hideousness that is the rest of the room. I'm cleaning it tomorrow because we have plans to paint it all this weekend before my in-law's visit mid-March.

Photos by me and Husband


  1. Love, love, love the pillow and the curtains! I'm pretty sure you are one of the most crafty people I know! Where did you find your fabric? I want to make some for our house when we get home this fall!

  2. Love the fabric you used, especially for the curtain with that blue at the top.

  3. I am impressed!! You'll have to teach me to sew one of these days as I've blocked out Mrs. Weber's home ec class!