Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Laundry Room Surprise

I totally forgot to show you guys my husband's mad carpentry skills. When I was on a trip for work a couple weeks ago he decided to finish a long overdue house project: the Laundry Room.

It's really not a room at all, but just a closet in the kitchen with bi-fold doors. He proceeded to take it all apart to prime the walls to get rid of the hideous green that the kitchen used to be and paint it to match the rest of the kitchen. (He forgot to take a before picture and amazingly enough we can't find one from anytime in the years he's lived in the house. But trust me, it was always messy. And crowded. And green. Very green.)

Then he put in a counter top which added an amazing amount of space to the closet. Seriously, I can't believe how much bigger it feels. And the level of organization! Love. it.

He also put in a shelf.

The most amazing part is that the day I got home from my trip was also the day his parents arrived for a long weekend visit. The house went from mostly clean, to a complete disaster, back to quite clean. I was superbly impressed! Especially because he kept it all a secret while I was gone.

There's a bit more to do. Husband ran out of time to paint the shelf and counter a glossy white and I have some accessorizing plans floating around in my head.

But much improved, yes?

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