Monday, April 12, 2010

Too Many Identities

I started this blog just after I got married. I had been so blessed in the month or two prior to our wedding when I found amazing blogs by amazing women who were just getting married, or who had recently walked through the experience. I wanted to join in, even though I didn't know what I would have to add. Now I've made super amazing friends and I love sharing pieces of my life with otherwise total strangers.

Shortly after the wedding I also jumped into selling my jewelry on Etsy. (What? Take on too many things all at once? That doesn't sound like me AT ALL). I'm really trying to make a go of that because, 1) it allows me to be creative in a way that doesn't involve tearing our house apart; 2) it's fun; 3) I get to share pretty things with people; 4) wouldn't be awesome if I actually started to make money on this?

Now I have my regular life, my blog life, my jewelry business life... and they all have their own set of friends and responsibilities and rules. Twitter accounts, email accounts, facebook pages and fan pages, shop sites, flickr and picasa... there's too much!

So what's the point?

They're going to have to meld before I go crazy. I need to be one person, with one identity, in all those spots (a little hard, mind you, because I use my maiden name in everything except my jewelry business). That means I'll have to give up some anonymity on this blog and that I'll have to share some jewelry-related things here as well. I promise not to turn this into a marketing piece and I hope we can still be friends. I'll be just the same... just with the extra post here and there about stuff I'm doing to run my business, the creative process, and the occasional update about new products. I hope that's ok.


  1. Since one of the reasons I read your blog is to feel a sense of connection with another cool chick living through similar life experiences (marriage...taking on too much...puppies!), I applaud your choice. Make yourself calmer, saner, and feel more whole. Go for it. And now I'll have zero excuse not to just go ahead and buy your awesome raspberry-stone and silver necklace that I've been ogling for the past three months! ;)

  2. I'm all about this, and second what Newly Mrs. S said. And am fully okay with being taunted by your jewels...I am always looking for an excuse to support artistic friends.

  3. It would be absolutely lovely to hear about your creative side and the fab jewellery you make so looking forward to hearing more about it! Good luck with combining it all together and I like the new colour scheme on the blog too :)