Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vintage Photos

I don't know if you follow the Sartorialist but he's been doing a reader submitted Vintage Photo Contest. It's been fun to see people's relatives and look at the places they've been and the things they wore.

At our wedding we had a folding screen set up that held a display of photos. A couple of Husband and I, but mostly our parent's and grandparent's wedding pictures and photos of further-back relatives. This was one of my favorites:

That's my great-grandma Alice (my dad's mom's mom) and her first husband. And that's her car, that she owned before they got married. How fun is that?

I remember coming to visit my aunt and grandma Alice when she was very old. At the time, we lived in California and she lived in Washington. In fact, in the very town I'm living in now. Family history can be as fun as family photos.

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