Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Flutter: Work Clothes

We are headed to Seattle this weekend to see our respective sisters and to go shopping. Judging from the trouble I have finding clothes for work each morning I have come to the conclusion that I have almost no work appropriate summer-ish clothes. So, using the very small budget I have for clothes I'm trying to find cute work clothes at standard mall stores since they're probably all having Memorial Day sales.

From my internet pre-shopping scouting, here are a few things I'm looking at:

 The Limited (this one is hard to see here but it's really cute in person)

Hopefully it's a success and I find things that fit, are good for work, and don't cost much!


  1. Cute, cute, cute! I think you should buy the dresses a couple sizes too big and then donate them to my pitiful summer work clothes collection. Charity, you know? ;)

  2. JCrew really just needs to come to the UK already.

  3. Those are cute options. I love that J. Crew dress. I did not see that in the last store I went to. I hope you find it!