Monday, May 3, 2010

Wet Weekend Walk

Ahhhhh, the Northwest. Although I live in the dry deserty part of Washington State, we are still prone to wet weather that tries to ruin our weekend plans. But this time we won.

We took our new car (YAY! New car! Big enough for the mutts, us, and friends) for its first outdoor adventure this weekend. It started to pour as soon as we arrived so we picnicked in the back.

Our brave friends Summer and Michael trekked through mud puddles and on-again-off-again showers.
This is the flat part. At the beginning. When we were still mostly dry.

Loki tried to avoid having his picture taken with me.

And miles later when we returned Husband showed his love for the new car by... licking it?
And then we went home and drank hot drinks, took a nap, and played a new board game. I'm sure we won the day afterall.

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