Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Summer Walk

I like taking walks. I never used to, but when I got a wiggling bundle of energy named Loki I started walking--every day. At first it was really hot and he used to plop down in any puddle of water he could find or try to escape into the neighbor's sprinklers. And then it was really cold and we'd bundle up and get sopping wet and come home and cuddle until we warmed up.

When Husband and I first started dating Loki was the entire focus of my life outside work* so we spent many a date walking. My house is in an old part of town so we'd walk through old tree-lined streets looking at the architecture and landscaping and talking about houses we'd like to have someday. I loved that we could walk, and talk, and hold hands.

Then we got married and I learned that Husband hates walking. Really. Can't stand it. Fusses every time anyone says the word "walk" and pouts whenever we start out. We live in a not-nearly-as-nice part of town now and there's not as much to look out.

But sometimes, just sometimes, we go out of town and we walk, and talk, and hold hands. And it's nice.

*long story. Maybe I'll get there someday. 


  1. side note CP sucks compared to WW. don't get me wrong CP is nice but WW has character that CP just doesn't have. not that, that is a good excuse. i also may complain about the walking but usually shhh don't tell her but i usually enjoy it by the end

  2. Isn't that funny how the guy always does stuff with you BEFORE you get married? Love the pictures...

  3. Aw, cute pictures especially the last one. Also I love the new blog layout!

  4. I love that picture of your dog leaping into the pond, reminds me of walking my dogs with my dad through the local fields. Jasper, my dog, loved to jump into a pond for a quick paddle!