Monday, August 16, 2010

Bra Shopping

I would guess just about every women shuddered reading the title of this post. On a shopping scale, looking for a bra is less fun that swimming suit shopping and slightly more fun than trying to find the perfect jeans.

The last time I went bra shopping I picked about a dozen bras in my size and took them into the fitting room where none (NONE!) fit. The perky little blond working there offered to do a bra fitting/sizing thing on me so I took her up on it. After wrangling that little measuring tape around my body in a multitude of directions she announced that I was definitely wearing the wrong size and needed to go up at least a cup size.

SO determined to take home something that actually fit I bought two bras that day in the giant-boob size she said I was. One fit really well, actually, and I liked it a lot. The other one I tried on again at home for Husband. His response: "That looks like a giant old lady with saggy boobs bra." Obviously, that one went back.

This weekend I picked up a few of my favorite panties and decided to grab a bra while I was there. My new regular size was nowhere to be found, of course, as it's rather obscure. Another perky, curly blond came over to help me look and when she heard what size I was looking for she immediately pulled me into the changing area and held a cup up to my boob.

"See, that's what I thought! You're not nearly that big. You're definitely wearing too large of a bra. You need this one instead," she chirps.


At this point I'm trying to cover my frustration so I try on the size she recommended--my old regular size. The instant I had the thing on it was painfully obvious that it was not the correct size. Perky Girl came in then to look and stood there for a second with pursed lips before announcing that, "You really are full-chested aren't you?"

Apparently I'm destined to wear old lady bras forever. 


  1. haha...i always run and hide when they come at me with those measuring tapes, which i suppose means I'm inevitably wearing the wrong size...sigh

  2. oh man, i just went bra shopping yesterday. i asked to get sized as i have suspected that my boobs have shrunk. they just aren't filling out my bras the way they did in the past, and i have never been well-endowed to begin with. to be confirmed though that i have gone down a whole cup size has been a little disheartening.