Monday, February 28, 2011

More Things No One Tells You (or, maybe shouldn't?)

I just had my second favorite conversation with a co-worker about pregnancy-related things. After providing some motherly advice that was all quite useful, if not new, since most everyone else has told me the same things, she goes on to lean in and lower her voice.

"Here's something you should know," she says quietly in the hallway of our busy workplace. "After you have the baby and if you breastfeed, well, just know that if you have an orgasm you'll shoot milk everywhere."

She went on to say that she tries to tell people that now so they aren't surprised like she was.

If the mothers in my office keep this up, there should be very few things I'm not prepared for, right? 


  1. Uh, she's wrong. Or at least wrong to assume that that happens to everyone.

  2. Chelsey- thank god for that. I'm not one for taking what people say as absolute truth, but of course, in this case I have no experience one way or the other. I'd prefer to only believe a fraction of the stories people have told me so far.

  3. Oh, yeah, I'd've believed that, too. And it can happen, I'm sure, but I think it has more to do with how empty or full one's breasts are.

    Incidentally, you should get some interesting blog hits from this post.

  4. WHAT? I'm glad to read in the comments that this isn't a definite thing.'s like fireworks, right??

  5. I was an over-producing sprayer and milk would go everywhere when I got very full, and yup, orgasm triggered the let-down for me too. I don't remember any full-on spraying during sex incidents but I would definitely leak during sex during the early months so I tended to leave my bra on.

    Messiness from here on in, I tell ya'.


  6. I wonder if they have special lingerie for this condition...