Sunday, April 10, 2011

We Do Not Always Sleep With Dogs

When I was looking through photos of the puppies the other day I noticed 1) we have a ridiculous number of photos of our dogs, and 2) that Husband really likes taking photos of the puppies and I snuggling together. In case anyone else finds themselves with overly loving, snuggly dogs, I wanted to share so you felt less alone.

These are just a few that I found (what, this is my blog and I can withhold all the ones with weird drool and not enough clothing if I want to). It was fun to see all of the changes in the last three years--starting with my old house, to the Husband's house when I first moved in, to now.


  1. Kristi, you are too adorable!

  2. This is soo lovely, I can't believe how snuggly your dogs are! We have two Jack Russells and they are just as snuggly and we take loads of photos too! xx