Friday, October 30, 2009

What's a wife?

Meg at A Practical Wedding (who I've never spoken to but totally love) has started a super-interesting discussion about reclaiming the word (and meaning) of wife. Read it.

The best part about the discussion--for me, at least--is knowing that I'm not alone. Other new wives really are asking the same questions I am. We're all different so our challenges and solutions are specific to us individually... but... well, to be honest, it makes me realize that I'm not a bad wife for struggling to become a wife or to figure out what that even means.

I empathized with Meg's post today about crying in the car. I've struggled and struggled with changing my name. First I made one decision. Then I changed it. Then I found a new solution. Then I hated that solution. Finally, finally, I went to the Social Security Office and made it official. My new SS card arrived about two weeks ago now. And it's still sitting on that table where we put mail. Unopened. I'm just not ready.

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