Thursday, October 29, 2009

A First Marriage

I read this NYT Magazine article on Barak and Michelle Obama's marriage with great interest. I admire Michelle Obama. She seems to embody so many of the things I hope to be when I grow up (except First Lady, of course!): a professional woman with a successful career, a loving wife, a sense of style and beauty, an engaged mother, a love of life and willingness to laugh at herself and others... basically, a woman with a variety of interests and identities.

That's what jumped out at me in this article. Michelle doesn't seem to be defined by her husband's role as President of the United States or hers as First Lady. She also doesn't let those roles define their marriage, or even their roles in the marriage.

Isn't that what we all want? To be fully involved in the wonderful partnership that is our marriages AND fully involved in the individual pursuits that make up, well, our own identities? As I strive adjust to the dynamics of married life, I'm glad to have such role models (although my parents were fabulous role models too, fortunately!).

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