Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Delightful Day

I woke up early, but then lounged in bed for an hour while Husband ran to the store for bread to make french toast. He also took the puppies for a gallop by the creek and when he returned I had tired puppies to snuggle with and fresh Dutch Bros. coffee to enjoy.

Later I spray painted a bunch of random fixtures and hooks. The people he bought the house from must have LOVED gold, for it's everywhere. We're slowly changing it everything to brushed nickel, which seems small but has a huge impact--on the house and our wallets! So I spray painted a bunch of things a matte silver today and they look quite lovely. Hooray for thriftiness!

I made some changes to my Etsy shop and fashioned a few pieces of jewelry that I'm quite proud of. Trying to actually make something of this shop is time-consuming. But occasionally, like today, I make something really lovely!

And finally, I read a book and ate the homemade pizza that Husband made (and cleaned up after later!!!!).

And now, it's off to bed.

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