Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day

I'm pretty much against Valentine's Day. I don't believe in it. Husband is much more romantic than I, so I tried to be careful when explaining that I don't want over the top expressions of love or a giant bouquet of flowers delivered to my office or chocolates or whatever. That has always seemed silly to me. I'd love a card or a sweet note. Coffee in bed. Fresh nearly-spring flowers for the brunch we're having on Sunday. Something normal and fresh and lovely. Something like the I Love You things that he does for me everyday.

The one nice thing about Valentine's Day this year? In the past I've said the same thing but everyone wrote it off as "oh, but you're just saying that because you're single." They may not believe me still, but at least they can't use that excuse anymore!


  1. I have never been a fan, whether I was with someone or not. I just don't observe. Period. Husband is cool with that. We make our own holidays and celebrations. It's nice to remove oneself from all of that stress and pressure that these kinds of days incite. It's really not necessary. Went to see the movie of the same name today and it was funny to see how everyone stresses and makes a big deal about it. Made me feel glad all over again that I don't buy into it. I am with you on the spontaneous gestures.
    P.S. The restaurant scene was particularly hilarious. Another reason to stay in on Vday. :)

  2. There is a reason I've always said "Happy stupid love day!" I do recall one of my favorite V-days ever. Senior year and YOUR boytoy at the time brought me a present because I was blue. Ahh, now that is loving I say. ;)

    Hope your brunch is fun... serving waffles?!