Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Tale of Two Rings

I'm finally finding a little time to practice my metalwork. Today I organized my supplies, re-sanded and oiled my work bench (no more slivers--hooray!) and finished taking pictures of a couple of pieces. It felt nice to do something creative again.

This ring is a smaller version of the one I made Husband for his wedding band. Now I have one too! I'll make it custom to whatever size the customer wants, so I think I'll keep this one.

This one is just fun. My lovely friend Mindy wants it, though, so it looks like I'll be back in my studio sawing and hammering and oxidizing later this week.

For the ring people out there... what kind of ring would you like to see? Wide or narrow? Plain or decorative? Plain sterling silver or set with stones? It's hard to know which of my design ideas to start on so I'd love the advice!
This are our rings at the wedding.

Pictures by me.  Except the wedding photo, taken by the always-amazing Ben Blood.

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