Friday, March 19, 2010

Black Dresses

I need a black dress.

That shouldn’t be hard, right? I mean, The Little Black Dress is iconic. It’s everywhere. But not the dress I want. My lovely friend is getting married in July and has asked all seven (I know right? Seven?! Poor thing) bridesmaids to wear knee-ish length black dresses. For which I completely love her. Or would, if I could find one.

I ordered* a beautiful one on sale, and when it arrived the material wasn’t nearly as nice as it looked online. And then, the zipper didn’t work well. So I returned it. Then I bought another** which I thought would be fantastic, except that it just doesn’t work with my body. It’s non-refundable though, but I can’t wear it. Believe me, it’s not appropriate. If you’re taller than I am (5’3”) and a little more straight in shape, email me, because I need to get this dress to someone who can wear it.

What I really want is a 50’s style party dress, a la Audrey Hepburn. Which, obviously, doesn’t exist.

So here’s what I’m looking at right now:

Imagine this one without the feathers and knee-length. Perfect. via Ikahn Vintage on Etsy.

 Like this but a little fancier? via Audrey and Grace on Etsy.

 The J.Crew one is my favorite so far because it seems so... basic. Multi-functional. Help?!?! Where should I expand my search to? What hidden shopping secrets do you have? 

*Yes, ordered. I live in the sticks where I have to drive 45 minutes to the next town to a Target or Costco. Or anything, really. It's a cute town, really it is. And I love it. Unless I need something mainstream in which case I have to drive four hours to Seattle. 

**Both were J. Crew but they're not on the site anymore and I remember the names of them to show you.


  1. The JCrew Cecelia is an amazing dress. A friend of mine ordered one for our wedding and it looks good on EVERYONE, no joke. I think three of us have all tried it on and felt and looked fabulous. Good luck!

  2. I would add that Nordstrom, while not inexpensive, is great for returns. You can order what you like and have it shipped and then return it to the store if it doesn't work out. Ditto for Macy's. Then maybe you can limit yourself to 1 trip into town for returns. Good luck!

  3. Did you check out Donna Ricco? I wore two of her dresses during my wedding weekend...

  4. On an unrelated note: I left you an award on my blog. Come check it out!

  5. As the offending "lovely friend," I'm curious... did you find one?!