Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Coffee Table Love

I went to this new consignment shop in my town the other day. Back behind the counter I spotted a strange and oddly intriguing mid-century coffee table that I couldn't quite figure out. It appeared to be a nesting coffee table, but that didn't see quite right. Then I saw that it had six legs, which also seemed strange. Finally, the sales girl showed me that it was a swiveling coffee table. The top and bottom were attached near one end and could rotate independently of each other.

Did you see that? I said SWIVEL.

Not sure I'd ever been so excited about something before.

They wanted $200 for the table which was more than I wanted to spend. It needed a little work so I thought about trying to talk them down, but instead sadly went home. But you know how sometimes you can't get an object, or movie, or idea out of your head? And you just know it's good and that you really, really need it? 

So I called Husband on my way home from work and told him I was stopping by to pick it up. Except, when I arrived the sales girl said they had sold it THAT DAY. Nooooo!

When I got home I saw this:

Yes, Husband was the secret purchaser. And he talked down the price. And it had been mismarked. So he brought home my new love for only $100.*

*and the price of the lovely daffodils he picked up and had sitting there. He's a good husband, yes?


  1. Really good hubby! And a really great table!

  2. I love the table. What a sweetie!

  3. awesome! I like that story a lot. And the table - very neat. We could do with something like that (although I imagine what would happen is all the junk that lies around the room at the moment would be put on the lower level and then hidden away under the top level!)

  4. Thanks guys!

    @LK, that's exactly what I'm afraid will happen here too!

  5. I give this coffee table the "Best Personality" award of the year! I LOVE it!! It reminds me that I need to start hitting up consignment and antique store again for serendipitous finds like yours :) You have such a great husband.