Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Flutter: Gifts

I've been thinking a lot about gifts lately. June seems to be the season for gift-giving. My dad's birthday, my mother-in-law's birthday, Father's Day, Husband's birthday, my friend Shawna's birthday, a friend's birthday (party tonight... no gift in hand yet!), wedding receptions, and on and on. Ahhhhh! So I've been spending a bunch of time on Etsy looking for gifts. Here are some things currently in my favorites file*

Father's Day card from Monkey Mind Design (I bought this for my dad this year)

It's a teapot! And a clock! Two of my favorite things by Decoylab Shop

These would be perfect for my dachshund-loving friend.

Wedding gift, perhaps? Vessels and Wares has some amazing pottery.

 Father's Day? Wedding? Birthday? Yes, a shameless plug for something I made. But hey, who doesn't want a gift made by me? :)

And this one would be for me, of course. Because I'm that crazy puppy-loving lady who wants a needle felted replica of my dogs.

*Unfortunately, not necessarily for the people listed above. So my search continues.


  1. Ah, prezzies... You've just reminded me that my birthday is almost hereeeeee!

  2. That card is *adorable!* I am seriously behind on my Father's Day shopping, so thanks for this!