Thursday, June 10, 2010

Things I Have Learned and Relearned this Week

1. Dogs don't like it when their people forget to buy dog food before the old food runs out.
2. Husbands like plump wives as much as skinny ones.
3. While buying/making Father's Day gifts it is never a good idea to forget about the mother-in-law birthday that precedes it.
4. P90X makes you sore. Really sore.
5. Dinners should always be eaten on the deck.
6. You get more done when you neglect to sign into TweetDeck.
7. If you don't want a third dog, don't send husbands pictures of cute puppies at the shelter. Apparently they are just big marshmallows when it comes to puppy faces. (I should know this. It's how I ended up with my second dog.)
8. Neighbors can make you very grumpy.
9. Good haircuts are always worth it.

Image of napping husband and Lyla by me and my iphone.

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