Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer BBQ

Today it's raining. AGAIN.

But last night was just cloudy and a bit breezy. Warm enough I could wear pants, sandals and a tank top and only be a little goosebumpy.
 So we barbecued on the little gas grill and ate on the patio. Tofu kebabs with sweet onions and mushrooms and red pepper and zucchini (not yet from the garden) marinated in a yummy teriyaki sauce.

It was my idea, but the Husband made it.
And then we took the puppies for a long walk. It was a tiny slice of summer but it should hold me over until all this stupid rain goes away. 


  1. It's not summer unless you are eating food on a stick!

    (well, spring i guess)

    That looks delish :)

  2. MMmm looks yummy. Plus so nice to eat outside, really makes it feel like summer! Hope the headache is better. And the rain goes :)