Thursday, June 3, 2010

Grown-up Graduation Gifts

It's graduation season. All around me people are graduating... mostly from college now that I'm getting old. Many from grad school (thank God I'm done with that too!) and some are just ending one year to enjoy the break before school starts again next year.

I've never really understood graduation presents. I get that it's a big deal and people want to celebrate. I guess I just never expected any gifts for completing something that I always expected to do. But, that's not really the point.

The point is that I only remember four graduation gifts ever. When I graduated from high school my parents bought be a nice DSL Canon camera. I used that thing like crazy until a few years later when film became, well, obsolete. I also got a set of giant Costco towels from some church friends who had graduated from college only a few years before. They were right--big towels are very handy in a dorm.

My college graduation gifts are less useful, perhaps, and yet much more meaningful. My oldest family friends (these are the people who claimed my sister and I as their so-called daughters when we were just wee things*) gave me the Dr. Seuss book "Oh, the Places You'll Go," which I thought very suitable.

And my mom's best friend (my other family**) gave me the best gift of all.

Isn't that fun? She told me that it should be a reminder that we're never too old to play and that hopefully work would always be something I enjoyed. It has sat on my desk at every job (ok, that's only three) I've had since college.

Any other clever graduation gifts I should keep in mind for future events?

*Our family had great friends--mostly from church--when we were little. Funny though, they were family friends but they didn't always have kids. In this case, their son is probably the person I've been friends with longest in my life. I think we met when I was four. 

**Again, apparently I have lots of adopted families. I don't see many of them anymore. How does one go about creating new adopted families to go with this new baby family of mine?

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