Thursday, June 3, 2010

Who Has Bits?

So this is a fun week in blogger world. Meg is talking about sex and Cate is talking about vaginas. You really should go join the conversation if you haven't already.

And I really am curious... what do you have? We mostly have "bits" around our house now, for boy and girl "private parts." However, growing up it wasn't a topic of discussion and if you had to refer to that area you said "pee pee." I always thought that was weird because that was also what you did from that area. Hmmmm.

Incidentally, I suppose it wasn't NEVER discussed. My mom was watching a TV show once when I was a little older that must have been about how parents don't use real words when talking to their kids and how sexuality should be a comfortable topic. I remember oh-so-clearly when she came into the bedroom where I was folding the laundry and started talking about how she has always been clear about things like vaginas and vulvas and whatnots. And she wanted me to agree that she had, in fact, been a good mom by talking about those things as we grew up. I agreed but mostly so she'd stop saying these horrible words that she had never, ever used around me before.

Just to be clear... she IS a good mom. But she certainly had not been as clear about sexual things as I think she thought she had.

And one last thought... if you didn't learn that stuff from your parents, where did you learn it? I didn't have girl friends who talked about sex. At all. I learned everything I know about sex and "bits" from a previous boyfriend and now from my husband. Does that seem weird to anyone else? 


  1. Ah, you are reminding me of a very awkward car conversation I had with my mother. We were on Greenback Lane driving home from dance class if I'm not mistaken. She trapped me, I couldn't escape! Oh, the horror, especially considering my little friends in school had already given me the run down and I wanted no part of that business. Blech.

    To answer your initial question, T and I use clinical names or horrifically over the top slang to refer to our respective bits and pieces. I'm also fond of "vag" and "sword of the lord" which are colloquial phrases with the ladies at work. ;)

    You also bring up a very good point. In our many years of friendship, I don't think we have EVER discussed sex. Ever. Which is weird, right? It's almost laughable I think.

  2. "Sword of the Lord?" Ha! I haven't heard that one before. Don't tell W or that's all he'll EVER say.

  3. Sword of the Lord. Love it. We've been watching a lot of "The Tudors" lately at our house and that would totally fit in! (thats what she said)

  4. So what is the sheath called that shall house the Mighty Sword of the Lord. I'm sorry hun but Bits won't cut it when your dealing with the SWORD OF THE LORD!

    every time you say Sword of the Lord you must say in a mighty voice and at the same time in the background you will hear trumpets sound.

  5. And that Annoyed person, ladies, is my husband... here to spy on us. Say 'hi'!

  6. Mr. Spurgison joins the convo, I love it! Remind me to give ya'll the context for "Sword of the Lord" one of these days. It descended from a worship service here in Mecca. ;) It will have to be off-line, however, as I'm not interested in getting canned quite yet!