Monday, November 15, 2010

Blessings of Food

Husband loves to cook. He caters events on the side and every week be makes a meal for 30 or so people from the local university for their meeting. He's rarely happier than when he's aproned up, buzzing around the kitchen, tasting little bits of this and that.

This works out well for me, as you can imagine. 

The last few months have been horrible. I've been swamped at work, so much so that I often want to walk out at nine in the morning and crawl into bed at home because I'm drowning under the weight of what must be done right away. I'm teaching a class--for the first time ever--and find myself woefully unprepared for the task. My jewelry business is requiring massive amounts of time and the to-do list continues to grow. The organization for which I am chair of the board of directors is having a big event in one week. The house is messier than I like it and I have dozens of half-finished projects laying around. I'm so overwhelmed that simply functioning is becoming more than I can manage on some days.

But. But. The point is that I stumble downstairs each morning to find porridge ready or toast buttered. I have hot coffee or tea in a to-go mug by my purse. Many times I find a lunch packed and placed IN my giant purse ready to be carted to work. In the evenings I mumble something that I have a craving for and an hour later (or often less), it shows up, nicely plated, in front of my computer or on my studio desk. It's a miracle. And it's delicious.

I married a cook. And it's the best decision I've ever made. 


  1. Well, what can I do to help? I would offer my services on your jewelry ... but I think we all know how that would turn out. Then again, if people are into twisted lumps of metal, I might make a killing off of it.
    And I definately don't want to have any part of your teaching thing ... that sounds like hell in a handbasket, but bravo to you for taking that on, you're doing a great job at building your "I'm a great person" resume.
    Ummm .... cleaning? I can clean! I can even clean other peoples places, but I've found that when I start to do that un-invited,people get weirded out and think that I classify them as a slob, when I really don't, it's just THERE, and I figure "why not?" so I do it .... so there is always that.
    Dog walking? But that's more fun together, and also requires time .... which brings us full circle. *sigh*.

  2. Thanks for offering, Heidi! I appreciate it. I'm sure you'd be great at teaching the class. :)

    We should get together to walk the dogs. It's nice to have a break and tuckered out mutts means I have more uninterrupted time at home to do things!