Thursday, May 5, 2011

Summer Dreamin'

As a kid summer was always my favorite season. I enjoyed school, so it wasn't so much that--it was just that we could be outside all the time. We took vacations, we went camping, we swam for hours and hours in the pool at our apartment complex, we could go barefoot everywhere.

While this summer will be different from most, and the tiny human's arrival smack dab in the middle means I have no idea what to really expect, these are the things I wish I could stick on my summer to-do list:
  • Go on my family's week-long waterski trip on Lake Shasta
  • Plant and tend to our garden (will it warm up enough for that this year? doesn't appear to be the case)
  • Take at least two backpacking trips in the Wallowas
  • Go car camping
  • Hike somewhere (Jubilee Lake? Southfork?) frequently
  • Take Husband on a weekend golf trip at a resort (golf for him, spa for me--win win!)
  • Finish painting bedroom and rest of upstairs
  • Barbeque on the newly-improved patio
  • Have a yard sale
  • Take long evening bike rides
  • Visit the Farmer's Market nearly every Saturday
  • Spend time with my sister in Seattle--doing touristy things that we never do
  • Clean and organize the entire garage
  • Creating oodles of new jewelry to get a head start on the holiday selling season

Wonder how many of these I will be able to accomplish?


  1. In response to your sixth bullet point (golf & spa) Deb and I have decided we need to do a friends trip to some awesome place where the girls hang out on the beach, reading and spa-ing it up whilst the boys golf, then rendezvous at night. Eh eh? Anytime would be great :) Just think of all of the babysitting hands that would be around you!

  2. That's ok...not sure we're doing the waterski trip either. And you can still visit your sister in Seattle even with the tiny human :)