Monday, January 4, 2010

A puppy gift

My family loves to buy and give gifts. We make a big deal out of Christmas presents and agonize over finding or making just the right things. I received many lovely gifts this year and gave many wonderful ones away (at least, I think they were wonderful).

But my favorite gift this year was from my husband and our two big puppies. In addition to the Clarisonic I've been lusting after for awhile now, he bought me this necklace. It's adorable, no? And it looks quite like our puppies (one is a pointer/dane mix and the other a pointer/pit bull mix--we really aren't sure about either but that's our best guess).

And the most endearing part? Husband off-handedly informing me that both puppies approved when he showed it to them. Yes, we love our dogs. And yes, they get to sniff approve Christmas gifts. And yes, my husband is adorable too.

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